We are a small, family-run business. This started out as a hobby for me. Having taken a couple semesters of Electronics in college, and playing a little bit of guitar (not well, mind you), the idea of getting into building a few effects pedals was intriguing. Soon I had gone from one pedal built to a dozen, and I quickly started to build up my own parts inventory so I could build whatever I wanted. I was sourcing parts from all over the place.

I had become friends with both Tonmann and Barry on the GuitarPCB.com forum, and etching and drilling boards for people on-demand. Eventually, I helped Tonmann with a monumental task—to convert all of the GuitarPCB circuits to new pre-fabricated PCB layouts, which to that point had all been etched and hand-drilled by Barry.

I recalled being overwhelmed by the sourcing of parts for these projects when I started this hobby. This led me to start this business. The primary focus was to provide kits which included all the parts to build GuitarPCB projects. Over the last 8+ years, we have shipped thousands of kits to the USA and Canada. As years have passed, the PCB designs have improved dramatically, adjusting to the market's demands, with more symmetrical designs, smaller footprints and more designs that include PCB-mounted pots.

Today, as we are a week into launching our new website on a completely new platform, we recognize that there is an opportunity to embrace more of the DIY pedal community, including those who have moved past buying kits some time ago, and are sourcing their own parts. Our goal now is to expand our parts offerings to better serve everyone.

Upon the launch of this new site in April 2022, we already have added about 30 more products than we had for sale on the old website. We have added other shipping options, namely, UPS, but also including a $12.95 flat rate shipping option for larger orders. This is a couple dollars less than the maximum shipping fee on our old website.

Later this year, we will start offering bare aluminum enclosures to our customers, and plan to start stocking 16mm potentiometers in solder-lug and PCB-mount varieties. Our long-term goal is to offer everything that is needed by the DIY pedal community to build pedals, and continue to give the same great service that we have offered our customers over the past 8 years.

It will take us a while to build up our inventory, but we hope that as we grow, you will give us the opportunity to become one of your primary suppliers, right here in the USA, for your DIY pedal parts!

Please check back frequently for new parts being added to the store every week!

Bruce Robertson
Owner, Pedal Parts and Kits