Please use the form below to contact us for "Customer Service" and other General inquiries. This might include things such as needing a replacement part for a kit you purchased.

Please note that we do not provide direct technical assistance for kits. For support, visit the forum, create a free account, and post your question on the forum, where a group of experts can assist you with troubleshooting, look at pictures you post of your PCB and wiring, etc.

90% of our inquiries are customers contacting us regarding a resistor or LED for a kit recently ordered from us. Please read the 'Getting Started Guide' opposite the 'Bill of Materials' that came with your kit. This instructs you to leave certain components empty on the main PCB. Most often, this is because you'll use the status LED and Current Limiting Resistor (CLR) on the included 3PDT wiring board, and will not use the LED circuit on the main PCB. Almost all of our pedal kits include a 3PDT wiring board.