Build Docs provides some general information to teach "how to build a pedal" followed by instructions for each project which focuses on "building this specific pedal." Each build document conveys the build-specific information, without those details getting lost in a sea of "how to build any pedal."

General pedal building documents include the following, which are not covered in-depth within pedal-specific documents:

  • What kind of soldering iron to use / what type of solder / other soldering techniques
  • How to use Part Codes to identify values for Resistors, Capacitors, and Trimmer Potentiometers
  • Pin numbers for Integrated Circuits (ICs)
  • Why you may need a stereo jack for your mono pedal
  • Why there are 3 lugs on a power jack when there is only +9V and Ground
  • How to take voltage readings for troubleshooting
  • Much, Much More!

If you have never built a pedal, start by reading the Crash Course documents and familiarize yourself with the other available documentation under the "General Pedal Building Instructions" below. Then, before turning on your soldering iron, you should completely read the instructions that are specific to your kit. 

If you find a link to a document which does not work, please use the Contact form and let us know so we can update the link right away. All of these documents are also available on the website (see their store for the PCB for your project).

A Note on Printed Kit Documentation: We do not included printed documentation with kits. Please use the links below to access the build document for your kit. Note that the 3PDT board has its own build document if you need more guidance on that accessory board.

General Build Guides: Newbies start here, then read the build document for your specific project.

The Beginners Build Guide courtesy of Trom1.

The Beginners Guide to Components courtesy of Billy

The Crash Course Guide courtesy of several members.

The GuitarPCB Guide – Tonmann Version 

NostalgiTone 70s Boost

Project/Kit Name

3PDT Switch PCB
3PDT Buffer Board
4 Track Fuzz 2022
69 Stones Drive v5 2022
ADD-VERB v1.5 2021
Aeon Drive 2023
Afterblaster v2 2021
American Fuzz v5 2021
Ancestral Apparition 2020
Angry Llama v2 2021
Anxiety Disorder Drive 2020
Apollo Tremolo 2020
Bass OD v2 2021
Best Ever OD v2 2021
Big Muff Pi Opamp v4 2021
Black Dog 2022
Blues Buster v2 2022
Blues Power v2 2021
Boogie 57 v2
ColorTone Bass Fuzz v3
ColorTone Overdriver v3 2021
ColorTone Supa Tonebender v4 2022
Cranky Charles v1.1 2020
D’Lay v3 2021
Dr. Phybes v4 2021
DSOTM Fuzz v4 2021
Dual-Voice Filter (DVF) version 4
Easy Order Switcher
EA Tremolo v4 2021
Emexar v4 2021
Fat Cat Fuzz
Fuzzstortion v2
Fuzzy Bee
G2-Animal v3 2021
Guitar-Bass Driver 2021
Industrial Fuzz v6 2021
Industrial Fuzz v7 2023
Killer Bee v4 2022
Ludicrous Speed Overdrive
Maelstrom Drive 2021
Marsha Tone v4 2022
Mastadon Fuzz v3
Mini-Me 2021
MKC v4 2021
MoRC Compressor v4 2020
Muff’n v4
NostalgiTone 60s Fuzz
NostalgiTone 60s Overdrive
NostalgiTone 60s Tremolo
NostalgiTone 70s Boost
NostalgiTone 70s British
NostalgiTone 70s Tweed
One Knob Fuzz v2 2021
Plexi Plus v2
Pump'd Up Fuzz Face v5 2021
Pump'd Up Rangemaster Plus v3 2020
Pump'd Up Tone Bender v4 2022
Ratt Deluxe v4 2021
Red Special v4 2022
Roto-Tone Deluxe
Sabotage v2
SHO’ Nuff v4 2022
Sonic Tonic v2
Squishy Octopus
Sriracha v4.5 2022
Stage 3 Booster
Sunn-T v3 2021
SuperLead OD
Super Sonic 02 v2
Super Tone TwEQ
SWAH v5 2021
T-Drive 2021
Tight Box v2 2021
ToneTwEQ Equalizer
Tube Screaming Preamp 2021
Tube Screaming Ultra v4 2021
Tweed King
The Vibe v4 2021
Zenith Mini v5 2021