JFET Matched Quad Set for Phaser Circuits - 2n5952

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Hand-Matched and tested JFET Quad Set (4 pieces total) for Phaser Circuits - NOS (New Old Stock) 2n5952.

These have been individually tested and matched to have a IDSS reading within ±0.01V (plus or minus one-one-hundredth of a volt) of one another. This allows the JFETs to open at the same time and deliver a strong phasing signal for the best sounding circuit! As seen in the first image, we buy a lot of these so we can get precise matches to include in our quad sets.

  • Used in the Dr Phybes and other Phase 90-based phaser circuits
  • This set is also used in "The Vibe" circuit
  • A set can be used in any Phase 90 based phaser circuit
  • One quad set can be used to build 2 Phase 45 circuits
  • Note that our kits for Dr Phybes and The Vibe already include these
  • Every set is packed in an Anti-Static bag.
  • Best Transistor for Phasing effects.

The best performance in the phase 90 is when all the FETs move together: They should have similar cut-off voltage, with a similar curve and rDS to a given VGS.

All sets have been tested with a proper testing circuit. This requires a lot of time, product quantity and effort.

PDF  2n5952 N-Channel JFET
Download Datasheet PDF

Special Note: Do not place in powered circuit backwards or it will destroy the JFET. All returns of this product are subject to inspection and testing to assure that they are being returned in the same condition in which they were originally shipped out and to assure nobody receives damaged parts in future orders.

Warranty Information

For all items except for pedal kits, we will gladly accept returns for any new/unused items within 30 days of purchase. We will give you a full refund, minus the cost of shipping, via in-store credit or your original payment method. If your return is due to an error made by us, we will even pay for return shipping! ***Please note the special return/refund requirement for our 'hand-measured' parts such as this item. If you return this, the parts will be re-measured and tested to assure that they are undamaged and are still a matched set (that is, the return contains the same 4 matching pieces originally sent). This return policy is also stated in the product description.