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This kit includes all of the parts needed to build the GuitarPCB Fuzzstortion pedal project. Fuzzstortion is a Hybrid Fuzz with smooth tube style breakup.

This time it is the Fuzzstortion, not because it is less filling but because it sounds great! This Guitar Volume sensitive circuit achieves tube amp style breakup to Fuzzy Saturation. In between you’ll find an array of useful overdrive and distortion tones to play with. The Fuzzstortion will also handle bass frequencies extremely well. No need for a tone control as it delivers the full frequency provided by your rig.

This kit includes a 1590B enclosure and black Davies 1510-style knobs.

All of our kits include a jack for a DC power adapter but no battery snap. If you wish to add a battery snap, please add a battery snap kit to your cart in addition to the pedal kit. Please see what is provided in a kit? in our FAQ for more details of what is included and what you will need to provide to complete the project.


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