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This is an imported 125B Aluminum enclosure. This is a clone of the Hammond 1590N1 enclosure, and is similar shape and size to the Hammond model, but at a lower price-point. We currently are offering these in bare aluminum finish only. At some point in the future, we may offer some powder-coated enclosure options as well.

These are die-cast aluminum, and are on the "heavier-duty" side and have a nice, sturdy wall thickness compared to some we've seen. These come shrink wrapped and have a baggie inside with 4 standard #6-32 screws. The outside of the enclosure is smooth and just about "ready for paint," but some people may decide to do just a little bit of sanding first. If you have bought enclosures from various sources, we're pretty sure you'll have seen ones just like ours previously.

The measurements are pretty standard, and can be seen in the drawing in the datasheet below.

PDF  125B Enclosure
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