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This kit includes all of the parts needed to build a GuitarPCB BestEver-OD pedal. Based on the Brown Sound tones found in the Friedman BE-100™ amplifier!

This pre-amplifier with active tone controls will give you full control of your sound. In addition to Bass, Treble and Presence control just like the amp this circuit features a Tight control allowing you to incrementally remove any unwanted loose bottom end that may not appeal to your particular style. An on-board trimmer feature allows you to set the Gain Range to suit your playing style.

This kit comes with a 125B enclosure and black Davies 1510-style knobs. This particular kit, if ordered pre-drilled, will not have room inside of the enclosure for a battery. Please use a BOSS-compatible AC to 9V DC power supply. If you plan to drill yourself and want to add an internal battery, be sure to add a battery upgrade kit ($1) from the store as well, as the kit does not include a battery snap by default.

Please see what is provided in a kit? in our FAQ for more details of what is included and what you will need to provide to complete the project.

BE-100™ is a trademark of Friedman Amplification®. This product is not made by Friedman Amplification. Pedal Parts and Kits is not associated with and makes no claims to these trademarks. See our FAQ for more details.



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