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This kit includes all of the parts needed to build the GuitarPCB Blues Power project.

Blues Power is unique in that it combines a simple MOSFET boost stage with a JFET “tube type” stage. The circuit is based off the R.O.G. Peppermill but with additional clipping options to allow the circuit to exhibit more clipping than the original and with LEDs providing a much warmer tube-style tone. Despite the original R.O.G design already sounding fantastic we decided to changed a value to allow more bass response making it bass ready. As a result it can be used a a boost or "transparent" overdrive for both bass and standard guitars. The tone control is a low pass filter at minimum rotation, but at 65% rotation it changes to a fine high pass filter.

This kit ships with a 125B enclosure and Black Davies 1900H-Style knobs.

All of our kits include a jack for a DC power adapter. Please see what is provided in a kit? in our FAQ for more details of what is included and what you will need to provide to complete the project.


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