3PDT Wiring Board


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New 3PDT wiring board v6 2021 for an AMAZING INTRODUCTORY PRICE
The best available with 13 years of enhancements! Low Profile only (.95″ x .93″)

This is a small circuit board, which leaves you with plenty of room in your enclosure, and will work with any true-bypass circuit. Fits over a standard solder lug foot switch and it is the only one that allows you to connect additional circuits, mod switches or LEDs inside the same enclosure with ease!!

The Board is labeled as follows:

• G Ground (round pads) 5 in total
• +9V +9V supply [square pads] 4 in total
• BI Wiring from the Main Circuit Board Input
• I Wiring from the Input Jack Tip
• O Wiring to the Output Jack Tip
• BO Wiring from the Circuit Board Output
• D1 Common Anode LED (Bi-Color) or Standard On/Off
• CLR Current Limiting Resistor – Use 1K8 (max Bright) to 4k7 (dim)


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