Easy Order Switcher– 4PDT Foot switch w/PCB and On-board LED Kit

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This mini-kit includes a small order switching PCB allowing you to change the order of two circuits, within a single enclosure.

The small switching circuit allows you to change the order of two circuits and also includes pads for an on-board Bi-color or Standard (1-color) LED for easy order indication.

Kit includes:

  • Circuit Board, Dimensions only (W x H) 1.43” x 1.13” ca. 36.2 mm x 28.6mm
  • 4PDT On-On Latching foot switch
  • 1 Bi-Color LED (Red/Green) and a 1k8 Current Limiting Resistor (CLR)
  • 1 Green (single-color) LED and a 3k3 Current Limiting Resistor (CLR)
  • 1 Black Plastic LED Bezel (non-conductive, works well with 3-lead bi-color LED)

You can decide if you prefer the bi-color status LED, or the single color. 2 CLR options are included primarily because the frosted bi-color LED is not as bright as the single-color LED when using a 3k3 resistor.

Uses for the Easy Order Switching board:

  • Switch the order of the overdrive circuits and use in tandem!
  • Set the Boost to follow the Overdrive or cascade into it.
  • With a Boost following an Overdrive you get an increase in Volume.
  • With a Boost preceding the Overdrive you get an increase in Distortion!

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The build document for this kit is available on our Build-Docs page (look for 'Easy Order Switcher').

PDF  4PDT Foot Switch
Download Datasheet PDF


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