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The Amazing Roto-Tone Deluxe Kit

This valuable tool allows pedal fanatics to reach new levels of creativity! Now it is possible to add multiple mods to your favorite effects!

This kit includes a compact rotary switch and circuit board board, which gives you the ability to change out 4 different tonal combinations with a simple quick turn of the dial.

Here are some examples of what the board is designed to do:

  • Select different combinations of diodes to provide new clipping options on the fly
  • Change capacitors to select different tonal/frequency response or speed settings for LFO circuits
  • Change out resistors to modify gain settings, volume levels or tones
  • Modify both resistors or diodes and capacitors at the same time
  • Not sure what various resistance settings you want? Use trimmer pots and dial in the settings you like!
  • Sockets! Yes you can socket everything

Among the best features is the small size! This means even in the tightest builds this handy Modder Tool will "float" above many other components inside your enclosure. It is also small enough to fit easily on the side wall of a 1590B.

We recommend that you view the build document for more ideas and how the deluxe version can do more than the previous "standard" version.

Please see the build document for some of the great ideas people have come up with already.

PDF  2P4T Rotary Switch
Download Datasheet PDF



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